Manuel Lombo

Vazquez Manuel Lombo was born in Dos Hermanas, Seville, late 1979. It begins in the world of music and flamenco through Dance Group Ciudad de Dos Hermanas, company that gets the first tables and made his first national and international tours.

Its unique qualities make the Cristina Heeren Foundation decides becarle studies over the years 2000 and 2001, under the direction of “Triana naranjito” and Joseph Tomasa. In those years starts singing at numerous clubs and festivals in Andalusia Flamenco. In the year 2002 toured Holland as guest artist of the Company “La Primavera "and teaches a course in singing at the Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam.

The next year he began to sing in the dance company Rafael Campallo, with which he will turn and act in scenes and festivals such as: of Festival Flamenco de Monterrey (Mexico), Festival of Miami, Danny Kay Playhouse Theatre in New York Flamenco Festival and the Santa Barbara Art, California. That same year he joined the show “Immigration” Company of Angels Gabaldon, premiered in Seville and Barcelona successive representations, Jerez y Dusseldorf (Germany).

In the year 2004 was invited to sing at the “Exaltation of the arrow "of the Cathedral of Seville which has become indispensable singer from that moment.


In the year 2006 He shared the stage with Pasión Vega at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Later this year he published his first album titled "Manuel Lombo" . Eleven subjects including flamenco songs and songs aflamencadas include version and some other parts of composers such as Miguel Gallardo, Quintero, León and Quiroga. Awarded Best Flamenco Album and other music by the portal Disco, besides receiving extraordinary reception from the public.

Su second album finales of the presentado 2008, se titula “Seven Particulars” and in the same line quemantendrá first, since in this second installment, the artist recreates the famous "Tangos de la plaza" by Enrique Morente, "Everyone", popularized Rocío Jurado and four sevillanas Manuel Obregón, has entitled "Caprichos". Enrique Casellas, Charo Vega or Vanesa Martin are some of the composers who have put their talents on songs that the singer interprets Dos Hermanas with individual style and passion.

Back 3Now in its third album, Two Sisters artist brings us in times of an album of Christmas carols called “Sing, frankincense and myrrh” which was published in November and had an extraordinary del2009 reception from the public entirely depleted editing the same. One album that would lead shortly after Manuel Lombo fulfilled the dream of bringing this show to the Altar of the Cathedral of Seville.

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