Jesus Guerrero

Jesus Guerrero was born in 1985, in San Fernando (Cadiz). He started playing guitar at the age of eleven years of the master's hand José Luis Balao. His virtuosity with the instrument and his creativity led him to be considered one of the most notorious figures of current flamenco scene being requested by many great artists of the genre, as Nina Pastori, Miguel Poveda or Argentina, inter alia, to assist in their records and live shows.


Graduated in Teaching in the specialty of Musical Education at the University of Cádiz. He won the Premio Flamenco Hoy 2014 Best Guitar Accompaniment, granted by the national critic specializing in Flemish. It has also been musical composer of numerous dance shows for artists like Merche Esmeralda "Last Stop", Molina choro "Notice, Bayles Gypsy "David Coria" Spiral ", Ana Morales "ReciclArte" and "De-heeled sandal", Eduardo Guerrero "Alley of sins", Andrés Peña "A fuego lento", "Órdago to the big" and "The air that brings me", Joaquín Grilo "Belmonte". It has also been asked to compose the music for "One Silverio ..." and "Flamencolorquiano" Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía on stage was directed by Rafael Estévez. He also collaborated in the latest film by Carlos Saura "Flamenco Flamenco" and has worked with numerous artists like Eva la Yerbabuena, Rafael Campallo, Farruco, Farruca, Pilar Ogalla, Matilde Coral, Nani Cloths, El Londro, Rafael de Utrera, Rocío Márquez, Carmen Linares Joan Albert Bitter. His passion for American folk music has also led him to collaborate with the Mexican artist Lila Downs or Soledad Pastorutti, one of the greatest exponents of Argentine folk. In 2016 He saw the light "Calma", his first solo album. Restless spirit and artistically versatile, Jesus Guerrero is one of the most talented guitarists and projection of current flamenco scene.

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