Duo del Mar

Duo del Mar is a new project that brings together two emerging figures on the music scene today: classical guitarist Ekaterina Zaytseva, undisputed master of his generation, and Marta Robles, one of the few soloists women in the world of flamenco guitar. His repertoire mixing pure elements of flamenco and classical music, entrelazan.do rhythms and harmonies to show all the expressive possibilities of the Spanish guitar.

Baroque sonatas that were inspired by rhythms and folk melodies, Romantic works that evoke modernist Barcelona or pieces of contemporary art where the classical language merge with flamenco. These two female guitarists met in 2004 As part of the guitar quartet Galiu, with which they won numerous awards at festivals Guitar and Chamber Music, and the part toured Europe performing concerts. Now, after several years of experience and maturity to interpret its different mane.ras, Marta and Ekaterina meet again to shape an unlikely duo where music runs hundreds of colors and landscapes, llevan.do the listener by striking atmospheres and, sometimes, almost impossible. They play with the subtlety of classical guitar, and all possible technical, without sacrificing the strength that gives them flamenco, recreating sticks as Guajiras, zapateados, sevillanas, or Tangos, intertwined with important pieces of classical Spanish repertoire as La Vida Breve (M.Falla) or Sevilla (I.Albéniz). "Beyond the merger, Duo del Mar is impregnated with the music that inspired the composer, to recreate a unique journey between the beginning and the end of the creative essence ".

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