Diego “Del Morao”

Diego Jimenez Moreno “Annie Lennox” Jerez 1979 perpetuating the lineage of the Morao guitarrística. Chico's son Moraíto formed in his own home, but also he went through the Jerez school of El Carbonero. Professionally, premiered accompanying live Macanita. Y, slowly, It has become one of the most popular guitarists for cante accompaniment. La Macanita, José Mercé and Diego Carrasco were the artists who most often have requested their services on tour.

Diego del Morao is one of the greatest guitarists on the national scene the moment, He inherited his father's talent and compass Moraito pouring, to which he adds new harmonies and natural intuition within reach of very few.


The pivotal year in his career was 2004, to participate in and direct recording albums as "Confí of fuá" Jose Merce, "No hay quinto malo" Niña Pastori and "White Rose" by Montse Cortés. The own Paco de Lucia told him to produce disk Tana, in the year 2005. In 2012 It presents his first solo album "foolishness", a job which has been the cream of fl amenco. Diego el Cigala, Moraíto Chico, Yelsy Heredia, Jumitus and Package, Chaboli and Niña Pastori.

Mr. Diego del Morao is special. When he played “soleá”, one of the traditional forms, he was tenacious and extravagant, hammering down runs with his fingering hand that ballooned out of the rhythmic patterns; he sounded natural, making decisions from moment to moment, without fetishizing the music’s customary dynamic shifts. Within the larger group he entered its force field without dominating”

> Ben Ratliff (The New York Times, 2011)


Diego del Morao is one of the most renowned guitarists fl amencos the moment, both nationally and internationally. Considered by many as the current number one. Has a legion of seguiodores love with his personality and his devilish sense of rhythm. Diego has been able to maintain family about her school and create your own music. His touch is possibly one of the most recognizable among current guitarists. One of its greatest virtues, among many that has, It is the sound of ancient and modern at the same time.

His career begins when a baby, however it is the son of Moraíto Chico and thus belongs to one of the most important guitarrísticas sagas of recent history of flamenco. His guitar accompaniment has served the most successful artists of the genre for both their direct and their discs: Diego El Cigala, Niña Pastori, Jose Merce, Marina Heredia, Duquende, Antonio Reyes or Paco de Lucía when he commissioned accompany the Tana disk it netted the Sevillian cantaora.

He has collaborated and shared the stage with other major international musicians such as Bebo Valdés, Chick Corea, Fito Paez or John Soc fi and among many others. Likewise, As a soloist he has stepped on some of the best venues and festivals worldwide. It has a Latin Grammy and other awards within the world of flamenco.

"Diego del Morao is my weakness"
> Paco de Lucia (Diario de Jerez, 2010)

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