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The sound of my freedom
The sound of my freedom Freedom inhabits the circle that contains everything and was a come mandala
13 May, 2015
Daniel López Vicente was born in Seville 6 on September 1981, but has lived all his life in Morón
19 November, 2014
All together
Guitars Frontier

1Annie Lennox rd party 1. Payment of the Mountain (seguiriya) 2. Tio Loba (Taranto) 3. Made in Moraito (Bulerías)

5 November, 2014
12 strings

Alfredo Lagos and Dani de Morón decided to combine his art in favor of solo guitar concert. The

5 November, 2014
Two women tocaoras

“Two Women Tocaoras” is the title of a solo guitar recital Antonia Jimenez and Marta Robles offered in 22

5 November, 2014
Of the Glorias

Antonio Ruiz Rodriguez, Antonio Ruiz Carpenter, to the world of flamenco, He was born in Morón de la Frontera 31

5 November, 2014
Sing Frankincense and Myrrh – Manuel Lombo

“Sing, incieso and myrrh” It is a musical bet that seeks to recover the essence of the classic carol adapted to today. The repertoire

1 November, 2014
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