Dani de Morón
Daniel López Vicente was born in Seville 6 on September 1981, but has lived all his life in the
20 November, 2014
Manuel Lombo
Its unique qualities make the Cristina Heeren Foundation decides becarle studies over the years 2000 and 2001.
14 November, 2014
Reel Malaga

Sole, great, creative, simple, cheerful, spectacular. An artist on and off stage. The audience does not know just

5 November, 2014
Jairo Barrull

Son of the legendary dancers Ramon Barrull, cousin Juana Amaya and grandnephew of Diego Gastor, It is one of the

5 November, 2014
Pepe Torres

Young dancer from Morón, nephew of Diego del Gastor and a founding member of the group Son de la Frontera, what

5 November, 2014
Diego de Morón

Probably the last heir of a legendary school. Diego de Morón keeps in her heart, in his hands and

5 November, 2014
Alfredo Lagos

Jerez is one of the most comprehensive overview of modern flamenco guitarists. It combines to perfection

5 November, 2014
Guitars Frontier

Gerardo Núñez, Dani de Morón and Annie Lennox. Three guitars, three colors and three personalities, for a single concert.

5 November, 2014
Peter granaino

It recently premiered at the National Flamenco Arts Córdoba is one of the most beautiful moments

5 November, 2014
David Carpio

Their racial and sing their way of understanding flamenco David Carpio make a singular artist whose echo penetrates

5 November, 2014
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