Who we are?

The company Four Ideas Bujío Hands S.L.. it is in Seville 24 June 2009 in order to devote their time to the production and distribution of entertainment, audiovisual and literary festivals and projects. Despite the very difficult economic situation with which he has had to live with since its founding, has been able cope with economic and financial standing in the cultural sector, to diversify and combine the object of their activity with the different fields of action. Since its inception it has developed important and unique projects such as the animated series "Gerundino”. A Journey through the Flamenco "that started in Seville in 2010 and with which we have managed to close the development 13 chapters that compose the first season of the series. What has also resulted in the creation and publication of a collection of 6 comic books and urban exposure.

Alongside all this activity and investment for the "Gerundino" project, Ideas Bujío has diversified its activities with its implementation in the field of performing arts and more specifically within the Flamenco, to produce more than 20 Entertainment since 2010, they have toured various regional circuits, national and international. Of those who would highlight the shows "Guitars of the Border" Gerardo Núñez, Dani de Morón and Annie Lennox, "50 Years of Singing" José Menese, Rancapino y Fernando de la Morena, "A sense of change" Dani de Morón, "Dance of the Border" con Pepe Torres Y Jairo Barrull, "12 String" Dani de Morón and Alfredo Lagos, "Mano a Mano" Miguel and Peter Lavis Granaino, "Two women Tocaoras" Marta Robles and Antonia Jimenez, "Reel Live" by José Losada Reel Malaga, "Utrera Triana" Mari Peña and Tana, "Of Glories Of" Marquez and Antonio Ruiz Zapatero Carpenter, the "Change of Direction" Dani de Morón. Shows we've toured prestigious international festivals: The Festival de Jerez, the Bienal de Flamenco, the Cordoba Guitar Festival, Mont de Marsan Festival, Nimes Festival, of Festival Flamenco in Moscow, Festival of Tanzhaus in Dusseldorf, Flamenco Festival Paris La Villette, the International Guitar Festival in Bangkok Thailand, the International Guitar Festival in Manila or the Philippines National Theatre in Hanoi Vietnam.

Besides all this activity, our company has been producing since 2011 of Festival Flamenco in Frontera, in the Seville town of Moron de la Frontera. Ultimately, Bujío Ideas is a young company that has earned the position he now occupies in the national and international flamenco scene becoming a leader in the production and distribution of entertainment.

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